Interview with Sandra Carter: DoubleTake Auto Spa

This entrepreneur prioritized customer service—and it paid off. Learn about her philosophy and methods.

Sandra Carter left corporate America behind in 2005. Tired of desk work and office politics, she ventured down a path that eliminated both—auto detailing—so she could be her own boss and add variety to her workday.

Carter earned her certification and started DoubleTake Auto Spa soon after. Five years later, she managed to not only build a successful business but master something that many entrepreneurs find difficult: customer service.

She says, “We have the most customer reviews on Yelp and Google for any auto detailing company in the entire Bay Area. And, we hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.”

As of publication, DoubleTake Auto Spa boasts 4.5 stars on Yelp, with a majority of the 230+ reviews reading like these:

“The team is very customer oriented, and every step of the way from making an appointment to driving out was top-class service,” says Sam.

“Sandra has an engaging personality and ensures that her customer’s expectations are exceeded. I couldn’t recommend DoubleTake Auto Spa more highly. I’ll certainly be a regular customer,” says William.

Carter’s rave reviews aren’t due to luck—she’s prioritized customer service from day one, starting with a detailed hiring process. She explains, “The biggest challenge is hiring the right people. In this industry, it’s hard to find reliable people. We are overcoming this issue by changing our interviewing process, asking the right questions and actually contacting their previous employer for feedback.”

With an experienced staff, she then focuses on leadership to ensure every DoubleTake Auto Spa employee provides the level of customer care she expects. Carter says, “Every employee who has worked for my company always wants to return as I treat everyone with respect. As a leader, people are willing to work harder for a person or company when they feel appreciated.” She delves into her methods further, explaining, “Throughout the day, I’m always thanking my team for a job well done or purchasing lunch for them. Each month, I give little bonuses, showing my appreciation. As a leader, it’s about building a healthy team environment and that is something I do quite well!”

Ultimately, Carter believes that customer satisfaction is the only way to grow a business. She says, “Most businesses fail not because the product or service wasn’t any good. Businesses fail due to the lack of marketing, poor customer service and lack of tenacity. If you don’t know how to deal with difficult customers, take some classes.”

Outside of quality employees and solid leadership, how does she make sure customers have a positive experience? She truly appreciates them, and shows it: “People have options, so when they come to your business they should be treated in a way that makes them feel you really appreciate their business. This can be done by welcoming them with a smile, taking the time to actually ‘listen’ to the customer and going the extra mile to WOW them!”

Interested in learning more about Carter’s company? Check them out at and follow them on social media:





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