Interview with Marlon Greer and David Finn: Fli TV, The Focus Broadcasting Network and David Greer Media

**This duo is taking the media industry by storm with powerful, positive content and apps. Read their thoughts on finding inspiration, staying motivated and constantly evolving while expanding their brands. **

Marlon Greer and David Finn don’t just run one business—they run three. Co-CEOs of Fli TV, The Focus Broadcasting Network and David Greer Media, they specialize in creating empowering, inspiring and uplifting content. But you won’t find their programs on cable networks. They exclusively operate on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and their mobile apps available for Android, Amazon and Windows.

The partners explain the inspiration behind their content, saying, “We saw the need to promote positive imagery to our viewers and give them an alternative to the programming that exists. We have content for everyone to enjoy and it’s very important for us to air content that can be seen together by the entire family.”

As to why the team focus on family-friendly content, Greer and Finn explain, “Our children are indeed the motivating force that impact every aspect of our lives. Our connections with our children led us to produce engaging, inspiring content that will impact them in a positive manner. But, essentially our aim is to create, produce and subsequently air content that all can walk away from having gained access to new information that will empower all who view it.”

Yet the team isn’t just creating uplifting content—they’re also offering consulting services to other brands. Greer and Finn elaborate, “We’ve been successful and moving more into the area of B2B branding. We’re building platforms for companies, assisting them in controlling their narratives and benefiting from additional streams of income.”

Every industry has its benefits and drawbacks, but building a media network isn’t exactly a walk in the park. So, Greer and Finn work diligently to stay on top of shifting trends: “Being an entrepreneur, you have to stay abreast on your industry and know how you pair opposite your competitors. You also have to have a read on the new trends on the market and be cutting-edge and nonconventional with your approach.”

They’re also always trying out new ideas and finding ways to expand, “We’re constantly evolving—making our company more efficient. We’re always looking for ways to increase visibility. We are always referring to industry trade publications, such as VentureBeat, Wired and sites like We also enjoy the inspiring and motivational information delivered in TED Talks,” they say.

With so many balls in the air and different verticals being explored, we were curious what advice Greer and Finn had for other entrepreneurs in any industry. And they didn’t disappoint: “As an entrepreneur, you have to stay vigilant and dedicated to your craft. Love what you do and don’t do anything solely for financial gain. Do your due diligence prior to starting your business. Research your industry to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. I would also advise new entrepreneurs to start off small and speak with other seasoned entrepreneurs to find out what obstacles they have experienced. And, more importantly, how they overcame those pitfalls that presented themselves.”

Interested in learning more about Greer and Finn? Check out the company’s website at, and follow them on Twitter. Simply want to take a break from your own business to enjoy inspiring content? Kick back and watch their channels on Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire; or, download their apps for Android, Amazon or Windows mobile devices.


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