Interview with Heather Koenig: LearningRx

This entrepreneur prioritizes marketing—even with a strict budget—to help struggling students and adults. Read her insights on finances, internet marketing and what drives her to keep pushing forward.

Heather Koenig, owner and director of a LearningRx center in Indianapolis, Indiana, changes the lives of children and adults. Franchise LearningRx specializes in brain training: a set of personalized mental exercises that alter the way the brain thinks and learns. Koenig opened her center in 2014, and the sense of fulfillment it brings her is only topped by the dramatic results she helps clients achieve.

She describes her business and practice with passion, saying, “We can completely change the future path of a struggling student to one of success. The reward of watching a struggling student with low self-esteem become smarter, more confident and go from grades of Fs to As in a short four to six months is what inspires us to give 150% of ourselves.”

Koenig elaborates on the clients she works with: “We correct and treat weak cognitive skills like memory, attention, processing speed, logic, reasoning, and visual and auditory processing. When these skills are weak they cause reading, attention and learning issues. We work with students who have no diagnosis, but also work with students who do have a diagnosis like dyslexia, ADHD, autism, auditory processing disorder, TBIs, aging brain and dyscalculia.”

Although brain training is a $1 billion-plus industry in the U.S., Koenig has still had to work hard to drum up clients and gain exposure. But, she’s found success through her website, internet advertising and good old trial and error. She explains, “I have been exploring the use of sites that help increase traffic to my website and even good, well-placed Facebook ads. Also, making sure to follow up and take a look at what seems to work and what doesn’t so I don’t make the same mistakes twice; or, so I can make a good decision again.”

The growth has been slow but Koenig is so passionate about helping people that she doesn’t mind the struggle. “It’s a very rewarding business but it is very difficult and it is not a known profitable business. If you are looking for something rewarding to help people and don’t care about making a ton of money, a business like LearningRx is perfect,” she says.

Koenig goes on to explain what inspires her to maintain a company that doesn’t necessarily offer a huge return. And her perspective is the primary reason she’s been so successful in helping people: “I look into the heart of both my employees and my clients’ families and try to make sure I am meeting their needs while always caring for their heart. My inspiration is Jesus Christ, who has simply asked me to love others.”

Of course, money does matter to a point. To mitigate the financial struggles she faces, Koenig focuses heavily on budgeting and saving, yet refuses to sacrifice too heavily on marketing. “The cyclical nature of this business causes many up and down times. I have had to learn to store away for the down times by putting a fair amount of money into savings, and budget smartly for marketing. I have learned the value of a good strong budget. This is a lesson that I believe all business owners struggle with in the beginning but, over time, they become a master of this area,” she explains.

Interested in learning more about Koenig or brain training in general? Check out her website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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