Interview with Jacob Baita: Zenkai Media

Learn why this web design expert believes a solid site is essential, and how he stays on track with his own business.

If there’s one thing Jacob Baita, director of Zenkai Media, knows for sure, it’s that web design can make or break a business. “As we move away from brick-and-mortar businesses (retail, for example), more focus and importance are put on website development, as these are becoming the new shop fronts of the future.”

Baita started his business after running across multiple retail sites that simply didn’t do the company justice, saying “I was inspired to start the company because I was tired of seeing awful websites that truly don’t represent or show the company’s full potential through colors, graphics and content.”

Today, he focuses on designing aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and well-built websites for his clients, with the ultimate goal of helping each company he works with show their products and services off in the best light possible. Baita believes that, in the future, most shopping will be done entirely online, which means how a website looks, and how it functions, is of the utmost importance for today’s businesses if they want to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

Although Baita’s vision is flawless, he’s faced his fair share of challenges while building Zenkai Media, including questioning his own decisions and dealing with a common challenge faced by other entrepreneurs: fear of failure.

“The biggest challenge I have faced is questioning whether a decision was the right or wrong decision. This second guessing can sometimes lead to analysis paralysis. I overcome this by owning the decision, whether it was right or wrong; I made a decision, and I back it up!”

Taking a Zen-like approach to facing the fear of losing the mountains of money and time he’s dumped into his web design business, Baita has some uplifting words for other entrepreneurs grappling with similar worries. “I overcome the fear of failure by changing my physiology and state; instead of thinking of failure, I look at the progress I have made along the way and know that I am moving forward. I have also learned that failure is key; if you’re not failing, you’re not growing. And if you’re not growing, you’re dying. As soon as you can accept failure, the sooner you can slingshot forward.”

In addition to making a concerted effort to control his outlook and emotions, Baita also maintains a sense of realism while guiding his business to new heights. He cautions other entrepreneurs and business owners to think of profits and timelines pragmatically rather than with rose-colored glasses. “Whatever profit you predict, divide it by two and that will be your realistic profit when starting up. Whatever timeline you have for getting things done, double it, because most of the time that passes is out of your control.” He goes on to say “I know this sounds harsh, but people get too caught up thinking you can start something overnight and become an instant success. If you follow these two lessons, you’ll be ahead of the game by increasing margins for safety and making deadlines even shorter.”

With a secure sense of self and a sound business mind, Baita and his company Zenkai Media have been able to help other businesses put their best face forward with new websites and website redesigns. But perhaps his best piece of advice is in regards to progress and success. “When starting a business, you are going to encounter challenges. You’re also going to challenge yourself, your mental integrity and your determination, and really find out more about yourself that you didn’t know. My advice? 1%. If you can improve 1% each day that compounded effect will guarantee success for your business.”

With Zenkai Media that first 1% of improvement can go directly to a business’s web design. Check out the company at


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