Halloween themed product bundles for (almost) any business

Themed product bundles go hand in hand with Halloween marketing and they work for just about any business, even if you don’t specifically sell Halloween merchandise. These bundles can be as simple as creating a buying guide for each idea, sent out to your email customers and posted on social media, or you can actually group everything together in a fake pumpkin, witch’s cauldron, rustic crate, or a colorful Halloween box. If you get stumped on ideas, head on over to your customers’ Instagram and Pinterest accounts to see what they’re posting and pinning in regards to food, decor, costumes, and more.

Make DIY costume kits

Do you sell clothing, accessories, or makeup? Product bundles will be simple: use items you already stock to create DIY costume kits and Halloween makeup collections, grouping them so customers can just click or grab and go. Include tutorials if possible, especially if you’re bundling makeup, or add a finished image of the costume so customers can easily see what they’ll end up with.

Create decor packages

Every year, Halloween decoration sales increase, but most customers are also pretty busy. If you sell household goods or outdoor decor, create a few themed packages for customers to choose from. Try to incorporate at least one fun idea, like cartoon witches, ghosts, and spiders, and something more elegant as well, like a tasteful tablescape package for adult parties.

Curate food kits

For those of you running a specialty food store, local grocery, or restaurant, stick to what you know best: delicious food. Put together a recipe and add all of the ingredients to the bundle, offer Halloween party dinners or appetizers for pickup, or put together a premade trick or treat kit filled with yummy goodies. Bundles for seasonal cocktails and desserts also go over well.

Goody bags and baskets

Today’s consumers love to entertain, and they appreciate anything that looks Pinterest worthy but requires little time on their part. Put together goody bags complete with candy, trinkets, sweets, and items like pumpkin candles, fall tea collections, and similar pieces. Have some fun and get elaborate with things like a zombie survival kit or basket filled with ingredients for a ‘witch’s brew’ that customers can give to friends or coworkers as gifts.

Rename services with spooky labels

If you sell services instead of physical products, you can still get in on the action. Promote a service or set of services with a Halloween theme: security companies could play off the idea of a zombie apocalypse, photographers could offer a discount on costume portraits, and home cleaning companies could make a play on getting rid of cobwebs.

Give them crafts and projects

When your business is focused on materials that people use to make other things, like a lumber yard or craft store, create kits that fit the holiday, always including instructions. Put together a set that gives customers everything they need to build a spooky faux front for their home’s main entrance, gather up supplies for pumpkin carving, or create fun kits for kids’ crafts or everything needed to make a spooky floral arrangement.

Halloween is just around the corner, so start brainstorming and collecting products now!


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