Reward loyal customers with treats

Kick off the holiday season with Halloween customer appreciation events that build customers’ relationships with your brand.

Have them dress up for a discount …

Been slacking on prepping for the first holiday of the season? Handing out a discount to customers who dress up in a costume before they come into your store requires virtually no planning on your part – just promote the event on social media, send out an email to those on your list, throw up a sign, and let word of mouth spread.

… or stop by to trick or treat

There are two ways to get in on the trick or treating fun: set up stations throughout your store, each manned by an employee, and let the little ones come around and trick or treat while mom or dad peruses the aisles; or, camp out in front of your store during your town’s trick or treating hours and pass out postcard ads along with a sweet treat. Make sure you and anyone else passing out candy is decked out in some festive gear. Full blown costumes are ideal, but snagging a few witch hats at your local dollar store works well, too.

Throw flash sales …

Drive store traffic online or at your storefront location with flash sales throughout the last two weeks of October. Theme each event, like ‘Scary Fast Flash Sale’, ‘Spooktacular Deals’, or ‘Wonderfully Wicked Sale’, and give customers on your email or text messaging list, as well as social media followers, a few hours of advanced notice. The sale can be on one group of items, like stuff for last minute costumes or decor, or on your entire lineup. And, flash sales can last for just a few hours or an entire day.

… or a Halloween party

Go big with a Halloween party for your most loyal customers. Make sure the store or location is decked out to the nines in festive decor and set up food, drinks, and games. Host a costume contest or pumpkin carving event, throw on a family friendly Halloween movie in the background, and make sure everyone leaves with a cute goodie bag. A photo booth with Halloween props, sugar cookie decorating station, and a crafting activity are also great additions.

Get out there and team up with a local spooky event

Don’t have a storefront or your space is just too small to really go all out with parties and decor? No problem. Get in contact with a local pumpkin patch, haunted house, or Halloween trail walk and work with the organizer to snag coupons or discounts for your customers. Hand out free tickets as prizes or coupons for the event during a one day sale, and set a time during the season when you and your employees head out to the event for a meet and greet with your customers. Make sure the organizer of the event is on board with a large group, and try to get customers to RSVP so you can take along enough goodie bags to pass around after everyone enjoys the fun.

By giving a little bit back to customers now, you’re giving them even more reason to come back in or stop by your site when they’re ready to start crossing things off of their holiday gift list.


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