Interview with Rita Casanova: Healing 4 Harmony, LLC

This entrepreneur may own a niche company, but she still makes modern marketing tactics work for her brand. Learn all about her philosophy on business and favorite marketing tools.

Rita Casanova, owner of Healing 4 Harmony, embodies the term “free spirit.” She describes what drove her to starting her own business, saying, “My inspiration came from my desire to be free. Free from what other people wanted me to be, free from what society wanted me to be and free from what my close friends and family wanted me to be. I wanted to live my life my own way. I wanted to be happy doing all kinds of different things. I did not want to have to pick one thing and just do that for the rest of my life as a job.”

Casanova set out to build a brand that reflected how she viewed the universe and gave her everything she wanted out of a career. She soon found her path in energy healing, a holistic practice that focuses on helping individuals find balance, purpose and inner peace. She explains, “I was intrigued by everything being energy, how the energy affects us and how, most importantly, we can heal ourselves with energy.”

After years of studying and working to earn various certifications, Casanova created Healing 4 Harmony, focusing on energy healing methods such as Reiki, crystal healing therapy, meditation and Akashic record reading. The combination of practices she uses—as well having complete creative and strategic control over the company—has given Casanova everything she set out to achieve: freedom, variety and the ability to expand her knowledge. She explains her practice, saying, “I teach self-love, mindfulness and accountability to individual souls seeking to live within their divinity. I help others understand themselves at soul level. I bring consciousness and awareness to those seeking to eliminate negativity in their lives.”

Although Casanova’s company is exactly what she set out to create, building a niche business is no easy task. She says, “I do not have a traditional business, by any means. This is definitely a hard sell. My biggest challenge so far is exposure. I have tried a couple different ways, but again, not having a traditional business itself makes it trickier.”

Yet, Casanova has seen a lot of success by customizing standard marketing strategies, like email campaigns, to increase her company’s exposure. She says, “I have been working on email blasts and sending them to clients and those who sign up on my website. I like the Constant Contact site. I can create either individual or group emails, coupons and/or promos, and save them to reuse over and over again (if need be). It is a great way to get my thoughts and inspirations out to everyone and still make it personal. I am able to choose my template and create an email that speaks to me and keeps my identity in alignment with my clients.”

In addition to email marketing, Casanova is also a huge fan of the social media video creator app, Ripl. She explains, “Sometimes I just get a thought or an image in my head, or a phrase, and since I always have my phone, I can advertise it right away. The app also allows me to choose my own images, words, music, slides, etc.”

In addition to making traditional marketing tactics work for her nontraditional business, Casanova also prioritizes staying true to herself. She says, “In the beginning, I was so worried about how quickly I needed to have everything in place, but all it did was keep me from making good decisions in a timely manner. Once I embraced my true work pace, everything started to fall into place. I was no longer anxious, nervous or worried. I just did what I felt I needed to for the day, and once I was done, I was done. I was not overthinking or worried what others thought about how far I had come.”

For other entrepreneurs, especially those building companies that don’t fit inside a tidy box, Casanova offers this advice: “Trust your instincts. Things don’t all come together at once. Trust what you know you can do and complete successfully before trying to do all kinds of different things at once.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Harmony 4 Healing or Casanova’s story and methods, take a look at her website, YouTube channel or LinkedIn profile. And if you need to add some positive energy to your feed, follow her on Instagram.


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