Tell us a bit about your business.

With all of the changing demands in today’s volatile market, there is a need to change how businesses work. We are experts in the global optimization of business, regardless of the type of industry. We provide not just training but actions that have been proven—by our delivery—in 19 countries.

How has your business progressed recently and what do you attribute that to? Where do you see your business in one year?

We grew our business over 80% in the first year and have already achieved over 100% growth this year. And, only three months in to the fiscal year, our goal is 300%.

What are your favorite tools or resources that help you do business smarter, and how have they made a difference?

Our engagement of people—ensuring alignment between management and the workforce that actually creates the value for the business. There are several tools that we will train others to use, but tools are just that: tools. The true change only occurs when there is proper engagement of the people. That is what sets us apart from other consulting firms.

What advice would you offer to businesses like yours just starting up?

Have a plan and try, try and try. You will fail. It’s not failure, it is just a method that didn’t work as you planned. Move on to the next. Learn this and you will be successful.

Where can customers find and connect with your business?

Submitted January 2018


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