Tell us a bit about your business.

As a communications coach, I support organizations by offering customized staff coaching and partnering with leadership to uncover the barriers to effective interpersonal communication. Working with my step-by-step system, designed to improve interpersonal skills, you will see your team transformed.

Together, we are improving communication through empowerment, which leads to increased profits and productivity as well as improved customer satisfaction and employee retention.

How has your business progressed recently and what do you attribute that to? Where do you see your business in one year?

I launched the business in December 2017. I am attending seminars, taking courses—paid and free—and learning my craft. I am getting out in the community and networking as the owner and CEO and changing my attitude from employer to business owner. By January 2019, I hope to have at least five corporate accounts and a steady revenue stream.

What are your favorite tools or resources that help you do business smarter, and how have they made a difference?

Hootsuite helps me consolidate my online presence. QuickBooks helps with my accounting.

What advice would you offer to businesses like yours just starting up?

Slow and steady wins the race. You are not going to become well-known overnight, but you can be successful from the start!

Where can customers find and connect with your business?, Facebook and Twitter.

Submitted January 2018


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