Interview with Sandra Howe: Howe Music Tuition

This entrepreneur turned her childhood hobby into a full-fledged business. Today, she’s sharing her tips for success.

At the young age of 9, music educator Sandra Howe began studying the saxophone at the Corsham Windband Association, a U.K.-based charity specializing in teaching music to children and young adults. While she’d always loved music, her time at the organization—which focuses on a teach-and-learn method of education—ignited a strong interest in teaching.

As a young adult, Howe spent time pursuing what she believed to be more viable careers, but in 2008 she turned back to teaching and music. She says, “I began teaching as more of a hobby than a real business. But over the years it has grown into something I am very proud of.”

Howe Music Tuition is a labor of love, combining Howe’s passion for teaching and music. “When I learned to play my first instrument, it was an incredible experience. I witnessed myself achieving something I thought was impossible and my inspiration comes from wanting to share that experience with as many people as I can. This is what drives me forward. I just love teaching music,” she explains.

Howe doesn’t lack in passion for her work, but running a company requires a significant amount of time. She says, “My biggest challenge has been juggling my family life with all the unpaid work I need to do. As a music teacher, it is essential that I practice daily. I am also committed to continual professional development and I am regularly studying to improve my craft. I also do my own admin, social media and blog updates, which require a good number of hours daily.”

To overcome these challenges, she plans to implement a tried-and-true method for entrepreneurs: delegation. “The most valuable advice: Measure my time as money and delegate where necessary. I am not and cannot be an expert in all areas and it is important to keep an eye on any jobs that could potentially cost less by outsourcing.”

She also plans to extend this mindset to how she interacts with her local community as a form of low-cost marketing. Howe says, “I would like to be more involved in the local community, so networking and collaboration will feature prominently in the coming year.”

For other entrepreneurs, Howe offers some guidance, saying, “Allow a few years to get established. Make sure you research your advertising strategies and just be good at what you do. Don’t let fear stop you from achieving and if you get stuck, you can always join our team!”

Learn more about Howe and Howe Music Tuition on her website or follow this budding entrepreneur on Facebook and Instagram.


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