Interview with Kelly Bragg: Kelly Bragg Design

“Stay positive” isn’t cliché advice. Learn how this entrepreneur remains optimistic while building her brand.

Mental and emotional fatigue go hand in hand with starting a business, but it leaves many entrepreneurs feeling burned out. “Stay positive” is a common refrain, but what, exactly, does it mean? Digital and print design expert Kelly Bragg seems to have found the answer. And her innate ability to put a positive spin on every struggle she’s faced while building her company, Kelly Bragg Design, is both impressive and inspiring.

To start, she doesn’t lament how her business takes time away from her family; instead, Bragg focuses on how being an entrepreneur gives her complete control over her schedule. She says, “As an entrepreneur, I have the freedom to pursue my passion without sacrificing time with my loved ones.” She goes on to explain, “I am very family oriented and the proud mother of two very energetic children, ages seven and three. The time I have been able to spend with them by becoming an entrepreneur has been invaluable to me!”

Bragg’s optimistic outlook doesn’t stop there. She looks at every person she’s had the ability to work for and with, and every project she’s tackled, as a privilege rather than something to add to her (extensive) resume: “Through over 17 years of professional design and production experience in print and digital mediums, in both the corporate and freelance arenas, I have had the privilege to work alongside many talented, creative minds. I have executed countless campaigns, managing brand development as well as maintaining brand standards.”

This sense of positivity has served her well over her career, and it is one of the primary tools she uses to bring in clients. She says, “I offer personalized service with a genuine enthusiasm for every project. I am always excited for the opportunity to get to know each client and their business.”

Some may think that Bragg is able to maintain such a sunny, go-getter attitude because she has a successful business. But just like every entrepreneur, Bragg has faced her fair share of challenges, especially during her own startup phase. She says, “As with any small business, when in the startup phase, building a client base is very important. This is an ongoing process for me. I am reaching out on a daily basis, making contacts and building relationships within the industry. Networking is a crucial element in overcoming this particular challenge.”

As a wife and mother of two in addition to a business owner, time management also has a tendency to trip Bragg up. But, she recognizes this, explaining, “Time management can make or break you! If I manage my time wisely, my home and my business run like a well-oiled machine. If I don’t, chaos ensues!”

So, how does Bragg jump out of bed every morning with a gleam in her eye and maintain that level of excitement throughout the day? It’s all about setting goals and getting back on her feet every time something doesn’t go her way.

She reveals her tricks, “There are inevitable ups and downs with starting and growing your small business. Keeping a positive attitude will serve you well in the long run. Stay goal oriented. Set goals and work toward them. Don’t let the setbacks overtake you. Reset, regroup and push through it!”

Interested in checking out Bragg’s services? Looking to work with an exceptionally talented designer who will always greet you with a smile and unparalleled energy? Check out her website at


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