Interview with Daniel James: Off Cut Media

Check out how this entrepreneur uses social media to expand his brand, and implements similar tactics to market his clients’ businesses.

As most entrepreneurs know, platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide ample opportunities to build brand awareness, lure in new customers and stay on the minds of current customers, all without a hefty price tag.

But leveraging these platforms successfully isn’t easy, which is why there are loads of marketing and social media management companies out there to help businesses navigate tweets, shares, likes, advertising campaigns and more. Yet for many businesses, the price of this help is just too steep.

The founders of Off Cut Media saw this and decided to do things differently, placing a heavy emphasis on social media so they could give clients with smaller budgets the same results they’d see with larger firms. Daniel James, the company’s director, explains, “The companies that were already established seemed out of the price range of smaller companies and didn’t seem to pull the results that their prices suggested. We decided to start Off Cut Media after seeing, time and time again, companies that had a lot of potential failing to do as well as they could due to poor marketing.”

Of course, in order to build a client list and start meeting this need in the industry, Off Cut Media needed to market itself first. James found himself in a similar position as the clients he was striving to serve—a low budget, but a need to get the word out there. So, he set up several social media accounts for the company and got to work.

James started posting strategically on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote the company, using the same techniques he would later implement with his clients to push the burgeoning business to new heights. Today, Off Cut Media regularly posts marketing tips and ideas on its Twitter and Facebook accounts, sharing new and curated content that offers followers a look at how the company builds its own brand as well as the brands of its clients.

The tactics are working, and Off Cut Media’s client list continues to grow. James, and his team, strive to treat each client they take on with the same level of personalized care James gave, and still gives, to his own company. They tailor their services to each client by starting every project with a hefty dose of research. James says, “Our highly skilled graphic designers and social media managers spend the time to learn everything they can about the companies and their target markets in order to represent them perfectly.”

For businesses and entrepreneurs just starting out with social media, James offers up a solid piece of advice: “Just do it and learn along the way. Social media is forever changing, so do your research and keep trying and testing new things.”

If you want to learn more about Off Cut Media or read their new blog, check out their website. To follow along for tips and see how this entrepreneur is using Twitter and other platforms to market his own brand, you can follow Off Cut Media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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