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11 winning automated email ideas

Did you know that the average return on email marketing is over $40 per dollar spent? Email is the second most effective way to acquire new customers, but it’s also ideal for keeping current …

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 4 min read
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Get them talking: engagement = brand awareness

Research shows that positive engagements with a business on social media, especially Facebook, increase brand awareness while reinforcing customer trust and loyalty. But fostering an environment for …

Posted on Feb 12, 2018 5 min read
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CPT Prep

Tell us a bit about your business. Our mission is to create the most valuable content at an affordable cost. We continually strive to deliver the concise, useful information that is needed along …

Posted on Feb 9, 2018 3 min read
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Effective customer engagement starts with your employees

You’ve probably heard this before, but engaged, happy employees help create engaged, happy customers. Global agency BI Worldwide conducted a study finding that 55% of dissatisfied employees still try …

Posted on Sep 8, 2017 3 min read
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Customer testimonials: Going beyond positive reviews

Testimonials push site visitors to learn more about your company, encourage on-the-fence customers to seal the deal, and make your company stand out in the mind of someone who may not need your …

Posted on Jul 19, 2017 4 min read
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