Submitted January 2018

Tell us a bit about your business.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Mia’s Moccs was founded in early 2016 by mother-daughter duo Kim and Alyssia.

Mia’s Moccs was created to offer stylish leather moccasins for babies and toddlers at affordable prices. When Alyssia was pregnant with Mia, she had a hard time finding baby shoes for under $45, so she decided to design and create great-quality genuine leather moccasins, with her mom Kim, that everyone could afford.

Each pair of moccasins are designed in Canada and lovingly and ethically handmade overseas by Kim and Alyssia’s own team of seamstresses using the most durable cow leather. Each pair of moccasins contains leather soles for durability and sanitary reasons, as they’re easy to wipe clean, and a cushy insole to provide extra protection and comfort for your little one. Bigger sizes now include rubber soles for extra traction.

Mia’s Moccs are a great holiday gift as they can be used as everyday shoes, slippers or day care shoes, and are able to be dressed up or down for any special occasion.

Mia’s Moccs has been awarded the Nanny Robina Seal of Approval after extensive product testing by Canadian celebrities, parenting experts, doctors and moms.

By purchasing a pair of Mia’s Moccs, you’re not only receiving a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes for your little one, you’re joining our family.

In what ways has your business progressed recently, and what do you attribute that to? Looking forward, where do you see your business one year from now?

In 2017, we celebrated our first year of business! We designed 40-plus styles of baby and toddler moccasins and boots, were able to collaborate with various small businesses and mom bloggers and secured several stockists. We also reached over 14.5 thousand followers on Instagram, which has driven our sales. We also had our website professionally redesigned with SEO to help drive our e-commerce.

A year from now, we hope to see our sales double. We would also like to see our products in more stores across Canada and the U.S., and hopefully attain a (deal with a) big box retailer.

What are your favorite tools or resources that help you do business smarter, and how have they made a difference?

Our favorite tools or resources that help us do business smarter are social media and listening to what our customers want.

What advice would you offer to businesses like yours just starting up?

Running a small business looks like it’s easy and looks like it’s going to be an easy profit, but it’s not. It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication and a lot of competition. If you’re looking to get rich fast, don’t start a small business.

Where can customers find and connect with your business?


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