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Our mission is to create the most valuable content at an affordable cost. We continually strive to deliver the concise, useful information that is needed along people’s journeys as fitness professionals. Our study guides highlight the knowledge and skills required to pass the leading Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) exams (ACE, ACSM, NASM and NSCA).

Inspiration for my business came when I was a personal trainer and went for my first CPT certification. I went through the process and passed the exam, but it was tough as there is a lot of information to retain. After taking the test, I noticed the pass rate was only 55% and people were spending a lot of money to attempt certification. I used my knowledge of the process and the notes I’d taken to narrow down what areas to focus on to best prepare for the exam and made it into a study guide. I tried to make the best guide possible that would have helped me while preparing.

Our customer service is what sets us apart from competitors based on the feedback we get. We are always available to answer any questions people have while preparing and share additional insights to help out.

In what ways has your business progressed recently, and what do you attribute that to? Looking forward, where do you see your business one year from now?

Our business has progressed due to our loyal customers and the feedback they have given and spread to others. The momentum began with our first guide and has continued to this day. People can see reviews and feedback from others about our products and know the value they are getting before purchasing.

One year from now, we will have more study guides for specialty certifications (Group Exercise, Nutrition Specialist, etc.) and additional resources available for our customers. Some people are better visual learners and some are better auditory learners, so we are looking to provide products to serve both. We will also continue to post helpful, free content on our Facebook and Instagram pages to help people preparing for exams.

What are your favorite tools or resources that help you do business smarter, and how have they made a difference?

While creating, limiting all distractions is key (turn off notifications, put phone on airplane mode, etc.) Personally, I have to decrease my input to increase my output during this stage.

Once you have something to promote, the main social channels work best. Facebook is great for our business. It allows us to directly connect in Facebook Groups and on Messenger with customers looking for help and information. Instagram is also helpful for certain business models. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are useful when you have something to promote or a deal to let people know about.

Our products are also available on Amazon which greatly helps to reach more customers. Amazon reviews are like the new age word of mouth. Great reviews let others know about your product and what to expect before purchasing.

What advice would you offer to businesses like yours just starting up?

Aim to provide the most value for your potential customers. Creating great content, services or products is always the first and hardest step. After that, it’s customer service and satisfaction. If you do a great job in these areas, the rest becomes a lot easier. You will better serve your customers and they will tell others how great your company or product is. The best ad in the world doesn’t beat a genuine review or referral from someone who has used your product or business with success.

Where can customers find and connect with your business?


Social Media: Instagram, Facebook


Submitted January, 2018


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