Interview with Michelle Moore: 7Stitches Jewelry

This talented entrepreneur’s passion for the world around her and the people in it helped her secure multiple collaborations with big-name brands. Read her inspiring story and insights on artistry, business and making the world a better place.

Entrepreneur and jewelry designer Michelle Moore views the world as her muse and her creations as a means of conveying a message while giving customers a piece of global-inspired art. She explains, “I travel the world—that is one of my passions. As I mingle in markets and learn about new cultures, I bring back many elements with me: embroideries, ceremonial charms, beads, etc. I purchase from conflict-free, fair trade and mostly small, women-owned and operated co-ops. Later, these elements are incorporated in my work to give the wearer a sense of connection to something greater.”

Moore’s resulting designs mix contemporary and bohemian aspects by combining leather, pearls, hammered metal and natural fibers. Yet it’s her desire to make the world a better place that really fuels her creative process. “I like to experiment with new materials and push the boundaries of what I know. Supporting the causes I do empowers me and energizes me to do more. I am truly inspired by Gen Z—can’t wait to see how they will shape our world,” she says.

Her creative process and artistry have not only netted her steady sales, but the opportunity to collaborate with multiple brands who share her vision of a connected world. “I collaborate with many businesses to create collections for them—as long as their mission is on track with mine,” she says. Those collaborations include fair trade brands like Raven and Lily, which donates a portion of every sale to fund microloans for female entrepreneurs around the world.

Any artistic pursuit is often fraught with letdowns and missteps. But the key to success is staying true to your passion, and Moore knows that firsthand: “Making a living from your craft is possibly the hardest life one can choose. But, it’s also the most rewarding. That said, the biggest challenges any artist faces are defining who you are and what you’re about, distilling your message and staying true to it with your craft. You have to keep pushing forward.”

For other entrepreneurs out there, Moore stresses focus and conviction, saying, “Don’t look at everything that’s being done. Chart a path and hone in like a laser. There is room for everyone and no one can sing your song.”

Interested in viewing Moore’s designs and learning more about her brand? Check out her website or follow her on Instagram.


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