Interview with Katherine Barrow: Devine Fitness Ltd.

This entrepreneur built a unique personal training business from the ground up—and it’s booming. Check out how she turned her passion into a successful company and what she’s doing to keep it growing and thriving.

Katherine Barrow, owner of Devine Fitness, wanted to run her own business since she was a teenager, saying, “My inspiration to be an entrepreneur came from my very first boss, who employed me at the age of 16. They built a handful of very successful businesses, from having nothing, and I admire anyone who can do that.”

After Barrow graduated, she started working as a personal trainer in a variety of gyms. And that’s where she noticed a huge gap in the fitness industry. She explains, “It wasn’t a very personal experience. You immediately draw attention to yourself and the person you are training with—quite a lot of gym goers trying to pick up hints and tips! And, some people don’t have the confidence to join a gym or may even struggle to access such facilities.”

That’s where the inspiration to start a mobile personal training company stemmed from. “Clients get to work out in the comfort of their own home. This makes it very convenient for people with a busy lifestyle. We bring the equipment to the client and they cut out travel time and costs. Many know how hard it is to motivate yourself to get to the gym after a long day at work; so, this also works well from a motivational point of view,” she says.

Today, Barrow works with clients ranging from 16 to 73 years old, all of whom have different objectives and needs. Some want to be healthier, others want to lose weight, and still more are using personal training to overcome health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and injuries.

But the path to building up her impressive number of clients wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight. “I think when I moved to the midlands, not knowing the area or many people made it difficult to start building a client base. I’d like to say I have been very lucky in the opportunities I have had. But when I take a step back and think about it, I’ve created those opportunities through hard work, being proactive and being passionate about my business,” she says.

Barrow elaborates further: “It pays to be proactive! I think you get out what you put into a business. As long as you know there is a market for your product and you work hard to get your business recognized, you can be successful.”

To keep her business booming, this entrepreneur utilizes a variety of resources. “I couldn’t live without my accountant! I highly advise anyone who wants to set up a business to hire an accountant. Also, I have found the most useful website builder to be It’s very simple to use to create your own website.”

For other entrepreneurs out there barreling (or trudging) down the path to success, Barrow offers this advice: “Be passionate about what you do and always put the clients’ interests first. Go above and beyond—go the extra mile! It’s what differentiates you from the rest.”

Interested in learning more about Barrow and Devine Fitness? Check out the company’s website at


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