Interview with Christopher Dube: SIMPATICO Consulting

This entrepreneur’s ultimate passion is helping others build successful empires. And he’s sharing his story and advice with

Christopher Dube, founder and principal adviser for SIMPATICO Consulting, grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. And it impacted his entire career path. Dube says, “I draw my entrepreneurial vision from several sources—none larger than my parents. I saw my father go to work for himself every day growing up.” When explaining how this shaped his view of the world and future career path, he explains, “Through observing him, I was able to pick up some of the mandatory traits to be an entrepreneur: passion, commitment, honesty, integrity, belief and action.”

But Dube’s upbringing didn’t just instill a sense of ambition in him, it helped him find his life’s passion: to not only help other entrepreneurs build successful businesses, but to help them build legacies.

In 2015, Dube founded SIMPATICO Consulting to, in his words, “Help entrepreneurs, leadership teams and visionaries—people who lead people—transform the mindset, mission and mantra of their business to stand the test of time.”

As to why he believes new entrepreneurs and leaders need this kind of guidance, he cites the dramatically shifting business world, saying, “The way in which the world does business today is much different from even five or 10 years ago. Business leaders are running up against balancing achieving initiatives, digesting information and leading with intuition. These factors, when combined with understanding an evolving generational workforce, demand a change in the way leaders lead.”

With a lengthy list of happy clients, several speaking engagements under his belt and a successful company of his own, Dube is obviously on to something. And he’s happy to give out some free advice to other business owners.

“Progress is fulfillment,” Dube says. “Understanding the definition of progress is the challenging part of growing a successful business day by day. Without having passion in what you’re building, you’ll lack the commitment necessary to roll up your sleeves and accomplish the dirty little tasks that are nonnegotiable when building an honest organization represented by a brand of integrity. Only through resounding belief and dedicated action is a successful entity forged through entrepreneurship.”

Once entrepreneurs have found their passion, Dube offers this, “Always be achieving progress on every level, every day. Entrepreneurship is a way of life—not a job. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, progress yourself and your business every day. If you’re a two-person partnership, progress as a team and progress as individuals. Think of it like you’re balancing spinning plates on the top of wooden sticks. Don’t let any of the plates stop spinning … or they will fall and break.”

According to this expert, ultimately true success comes down to sacrifice and creativity. Dube offers his method for helping entrepreneurs decide if their latest idea is worth the exhausting road to success. He asks, “What are you willing to give up in your life right now to make the change(s) needed to create the business you have in your head and why do you want to do that?” He goes on to explain the thought process behind this, saying, “You must view yourself as a creator and understand the responsibilities of being a creator to succeed in entrepreneurship. Once you understand that and believe it’s possible, nothing will stop you.”

And as his parting words, Dube leaves readers with this, “It’s not easy and it’s not for everyone. But it is worth it.”

Interested in working with Dube or learning more about his philosophy? Check out SIMPATICO Consulting’s website at or find Dube just about everywhere online:


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