Interview with Brynna Lyon: True Essence Holistic Healing

See how this entrepreneur created a crystal-clear vision of her brand. Then, used three low-cost, effective tools to share that vision with her base.

For Brynna Lyon, owner of True Essence Holistic Healing, starting a business was the only path that made perfect sense. “I have felt called to help others heal since I was 5 years old. The world needs healing and kindness, and that starts from the inside out. I found it very difficult to live in a world where I was consistently told to follow certain belief systems that went against my intuitive, spirit-filled nature. I just wanted to be myself,” she explains.

Instead of pursuing more traditional career paths—where Lyon would be boxed in by others’ ideals—she stayed true to herself, launching True Essence Holistic Healing. Specializing in energy therapy and life coaching, her concept was authentic. Yet, she still struggled to ensure her business remained in line with her personal beliefs. She says, “During the course of my business, I have had a lot of people tell me how hard it was to build a business—especially since my field is not well-known. People mean well, but the fear and shame I felt from consistently having to prove myself and trying to fit myself and my business into what I thought people would accept held me back a lot.”

But like most entrepreneurs, Lyon consciously decided not to let the initial growing pains and uncertainty deter her. Instead, it inspired her to find people who could see and understand her concept: “It was the driving force that motivated me to get really clear about who I really wanted to work with. And, the catalyst to put in the personal development work to elevate myself and purposely push myself out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. Through working with other like-minded organizations and people, I continue to do a lot of self-empowerment and self-love work. This has allowed me to attract people who are in alignment with me and my values.”

As Lyon settled into her new role as business owner, she began searching for tools to help her share her vision for her business with her base. Like many readers, she began using Wix, MailChimp and Word Swag—with amazing success. When discussing Wix, she extols the many perks of the web development platform, saying, “For one fee, you have practically everything—in one program—to run any type of business. It is easy to use and offers so many other apps and tools to make marketing easier. It has also given me not only ideas for, but resources to add more ways to make income right from my website.”

Lyon is also a huge fan of email marketing platform MailChimp. “This is great for my email list and also to create signup forms. I love the ability to create beautiful emails and track everything. The automated emails are amazing for saving me time and building client relationships,” she says. And for social media, she turns to the Word Swag app: “It can create super easy social media posts, with pictures and words, and can be used to create marketing materials all from my phone. Makes Facebook posts a breeze!”

With a clear vision and host of tools at her disposal, Lyon’s business is growing steadily. And she has big plans for the future. “I am working toward creating a more focused and systematic process for helping my clients achieve results. This includes creating some digital workbooks and handouts that people can purchase online, at a lower cost, and utilize,” she shares.

For other entrepreneurs out there, Lyon encourages always learning from your mistakes: “Everything is perspective. During the course of my business I have made so many mistakes, lost money, tried so many different things and ways of doing things. And for a long time, I felt I was a complete failure. However, I did not know at the time that all of those experiences would allow me to have a wealth of knowledge and resources to know exactly how to successfully help other small-business owners and people in management positions. Had I not gone through all of those experiences, I would not have such a big toolbox to help others.”

Interested in learning more about Lyon and True Essence Holistic Healing? Check out her website at


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