Balancing time and funds: 6 marketing ideas for nonprofits

Effective marketing increases donations and gets your message out there, but for most nonprofits, it’s difficult to spend the time making low-cost ideas work. But, shelling out money when, ideally, …

Posted on Sep 29, 2017 3 min read
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Is launching on Product Hunt worth it?

You’ve seen Product Hunt mentioned from time to time, especially when talking with colleagues and clients in the tech industry. But what is it, and would it be a useful tool for you? The basicsFounded …

Posted on Sep 29, 2017 3 min read
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When your business name no longer fits

No matter your reason, changing your business name can be costly, stressful, and time consuming; but it can also be lucrative. Way back in 1992, Sprint was known as United Telecom; in 2008, Kinkos …

Posted on Sep 29, 2017 3 min read
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When your marketing budget and home utility budget match

You know that $200 doesn’t go very far in your personal life, and when it comes to marketing your business that monthly budget can feel like pennies. But with some strategic thinking and a little …

Posted on Sep 29, 2017 3 min read
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Work the perks, avoid the pitfalls: staying productive as a freelancer

Whether you’re partial to curling up on the couch or settling in at a coffee shop or park to tackle your projects, the lack of a strict schedule and direct supervision take a toll on productivity. But …

Posted on Sep 28, 2017 4 min read
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It’s probably not your pricing – why customers head elsewhere

A few things lead customers to decide that your business isn’t worth their time or money, and your product or pricing rarely play a role. Remember, customers who leave obviously found your business …

Posted on Sep 15, 2017 3 min read
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Get out there: tips for standing out at your local fall and winter events

You’ve reserved your spot at your town’s fall or winter event, and now it’s time to start planning how you’ll best utilize it to your business’s advantage. And there are plenty of advantages: recent …

Posted on Sep 14, 2017 3 min read
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Elevate customer support with these tips

Customer support makes up just a portion of your overall customer service, but it plays a huge role in your business. Support includes every way that you and your team assists customers in choosing, …

Posted on Sep 13, 2017 3 min read
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Simple yet powerful customer retention strategies

Did you know that improving your customer retention rate by just 5% grows profits by a minimum of 25%? And you don’t have to complicate things to see results; a few simple tweaks to how you manage …

Posted on Sep 13, 2017 3 min read
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The ultimate guide to selling and marketing to 70 million Pinterest users

Pinterest offers the ideal platform for visual marketing and engagement, but its benefits for small businesses don’t stop there – with Buyable Pins, you can sell directly on the site to capitalize on …

Posted on Sep 11, 2017 6 min read
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